No….she’s not my wife.

Many people assume that since Sarah and I own the gym together we are married. Well, that is most certainly not the case. Lucky for her, she doesn’t have to put up with me at home also. Sarah is married to Tommy, who you will see wandering around the gym sometimes. He’s the guy that isn’t dressed like a gymnastics coach! The little baby seen running around the gym during the day, that’s Matty. He belongs to Sarah and Tommy also. As for me, as hard as it is to believe, I am single.

Sarah and I worked at Ricochets for several years together. As a matter of fact, I actually trained her as a new instructor when she was first starting out. Funny story about that, she was so shy back then she would hardly talk in the gym (definitely not the case now). Anyway, our friendship in and out of the gym led to the partnership we have now as owners.

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