Exciting Announcement from Ricochets!!!

Well, here’s the big news…Ricochets is expanding! Construction will be starting soon on a 5,000 square foot addition to our main gym. The new expansion will make our gym over 20,000 square feet, and is expected to be ready for action when we start our school year schedule on September 7th.

We are still working to finalize the layout, but here’s what we are planning to add and improve with the new space:

* A second competition spring floor
* New trampoline area with 2 7’x14′ Trampolines
* Warrior Fitness Obstacle Course
* A second bar area designed for classes
* Redesigned Team bar area
* Dryland diving area
* A second balance beam area
* Redesigned class vault area
* Redesigned Tumble track area
* A second party room area which will also increase waiting room space.
* New larger team locker room

Some new programs we are looking to add include:
* Trampoline and Tumbling Jr. In the main gym for girls ages 5-6 (already on our fall schedule).
* Warrior Fitness classes for boys ages 6-12. Still designing a curriculum, but this class will most likely include Tumbling, Trampoline, Strength and Obstacle Course challenges.
* Warrior Fitness Birthday Parties
* Dryland diving classes

We are very excited about providing a bigger and better training environment for our athletes. We will keep you updated as we progress through the expansion process.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Don’t forget to swing by our open house on August 20th for some family fun!



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