Ricochets is Now the Home Gym of the 2019 Level 6 State Champions!!! 

On April 6th & 7th, our Level 6 team of 12 athletes, ages 8 – 12, competed against 69 gyms from all over the state. We had some incredible individual accomplishments as well. Arielle Serafin, 10, is the #1 level 6 gymnast in Pennsylvania for all ages, beating 384 other athletes with an all-around score of 37.950. Aubrey Hendrzak, 11, took first place in the state for bars across all ages, breaking a Ricochets record with a score of 9.850. Avery Saylor, 9, and Aubrey H. are the #1 Level 6 in the state for each of their age groups. Paige Harrington, 12, is the #2 Level 6 in the state for her age group. Kayla O’Hara, 11, is the #3 Level 6 in the state for her age group.
The following girls placed in individual events in their age group, putting them among the top Level 6 gymnasts in the state: 
Paige H. – 2nd
Avery S. – 3rd
Adrianna P. – 3rd
Remy W. – 3rd
Aubrey H. – 1st
Paige H. – 1st
Arielle S. – 2nd
Jordyn S. – 2nd
Avery S. – 3rd
Kayla O. – 2nd
Arielle S. – 3rd
Kayla O. – 1st
Dakota R. – 2nd
Arielle S. – 2nd
Jordyn S. – 3rd
Level 6 State Champions!
Top: Avery S., Aubrey H., Arielle S., Riley M., Paige H., Adrianna P.
Bottom: Jordyn S., Grace G., Dakota R., Remy W., Kayla O., Rylea R.
This year’s team theme is “Time to Shine” and our Level 6s have manifested this in every way. These girls spend 20 hours every week training in the gym while attending school full-time during the day, but nothing hinders their motivation to work hard and unwavering dedication to the sport.
Sarah Lang, Coach and one of Ricochets owners, is very excited for the girls. “We are incredibly proud of these girls. They are determined, self-motivated and resilient. Gymnastics is not an easy task day in and day out, but these girls pushed through even the roughest days. They inspire me to be a better coach.”
Amazing coaches and supportive parents (and love from our mascot, Lenny the Llama) have all contributed to this great success. We are so proud of our girls for their journey that lead to winning Level 6 States and are excited to see what they do next. Go Blue!



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