School Year Session

(September 11, 2023 – June 17, 2024)

Registration Dates:

  • 1st Priority – August 1st: Current summer session students and campers can register
  • 2nd Priority – August 8th: Prior students can register
  • New Student Registration – August 15th: New members can register

Registration will remain open throughout the school year. Tuition is charged on a monthly basis and will be prorated for when you start.

Summer Session

(July 10, 2023 – August 17, 2023)

Registration for this 6-week session opens May 18th to all current and new students.

Registration will remain open until the 3rd week of classes and tuition will be prorated for when you start.

        Once enrolled in a class, you will remain enrolled in that class until the session ends, or until you unenroll from the program or transfer to a new class.

Super Kids (Ages 18 mos – 6 years)

The Super Kids program is for young boys and girls. Our 3,000 square foot gym is full of colorful, scaled down equipment to provide an enjoyable physical, mental, and social experience for your child. These programs are aimed at developing your child’s self confidence and enhancing their physical capabilities through instruction on all four of the Olympic events and fun activities like our platform pit and trampoline, parachute, spiral slide and more.

* Admission into the Hot Shots and Little Gems programs is by referral only. These programs are for a select group of girls, ages 3 – 6, who show a high level of promise in the sport.


Girls (Ages 7+)

The Girls Program offers instruction from basic gymnastics through advanced skills on all four of the Olympic events as well as the trampoline, with an emphasis on strength and flexibility development. Your child will experience success and self–confidence in the process.


  • Beginners (No Prerequisite) 1 hour – Show Classes
  • Advanced Beginner (must complete Beginner level) 1 hour – Show Classes
  • Intermediate (must complete Advanced Beginner level) 1.5 hours – Show Classes
  • Tumbling & Trampoline* (no prerequisite) 1 hour – Show Classes