Frequently Asked Questions

In the Fall there are 3 different registration sessions:
1st Priority – August 1st: Current summer session students and campers can register
2nd Priority – August 8th: Prior students can register
New Student Registration – August 15th: New members can register

Registration remains open through out the year and you can start classes at any time depending on availability! During our School Year session, which runs from September to June, we charge tuition on a monthly basis, which makes it easy for us to prorate tuition for when you start.

Summer session registration opens May 18th. Our summer session is 6 weeks (July through mid-August) and is paid in one installment on June 10th. If you register after the start of the session, your tuition will be pro-rated to reflect the appropriate amount of remaining classes.

Ricochets offers a free 20-minute introductory lesson to new students. This introductory class is one-on-one with an instructor and offers your child a chance to see what a class is like. It also gives the instructor an idea of skill level so they can recommend the best class level for her/him. Please call 215-328-0900 to schedule your free lesson. This is highly recommended, especially for the younger ages to help ensure your child is ready to participate and follow along with an instructor.

For girls and boys ages 3 – 6, you should register in a Super Kids class with their age group. For example, if your child is 5 years-old, register for a Super Kids 5. For girls ages 7 and up, you should register for a Beginners class. If you have past experience or training, please schedule an intro to be approved for a higher level class.

There is a $30 annual membership fee for the 1st student and $20 for the 2nd student. Additional family members are FREE (no annual membership fee). This fee is due the first time a family registers and then on the anniversary month each year after.

For the 2020 – 2021 School Year, tuition is charged on a monthly basis in the amount of $110, which covers 4 classes. Since we charge on a monthly basis, it is easy to prorate tuition for students who start mid-year.

For our Summer session, tuition is charged in one installment, due on June 10th. This payment will cover all 6-weeks of our Summer session.

If a class is full, it will say “waitlist” next to it, which means that there is currently no space in the class. However, if you add your name to the waitlist, we will let you know when a spot becomes available. In order to be on a waitlist, you must create an account. There is no charge to be on a waitlist, and your credit card is only charged when you are actually enrolled. Students can be added to as many waitlists as needed. You can be enrolled in a class while being on a waitlist. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how long someone will be on a waitlist as it depends on the individual schedules and skills of those who are currently enrolled in the class. We check our waitlists daily and will notify you promptly when a spot opens. Once notified you will have until 9pm the following business day to respond before we move onto the next person on the waitlist.

Our classes are run as structured circuits where our trained staff fill focus on skill progressions with fun instruction, while also working on important fundamentals such as strength, flexibility, and technique.

The Girls Program (ages 7 and up) offers instruction from beginners gymnastics through advanced skills on all four of the Olympic events as well as trampoline. Classes emphasize strength and flexibility development while helping each child to learn and progress through each level. Our instructors use fun and varied drills to aid in the mastering of skills and help to build confidence.

The Super Kids program is for boys ages 2 – 5 and girls ages 2 – 6. Our Super Kids gym is full of colorful, scaled down equipment to provide an enjoyable physical, mental, and social experience. These programs are aimed at developing children’s self confidence and enhancing their physical capabilities through instruction on all four of the Olympic events, and fun activities like our platform pit and trampoline, parachute, spiral slide, and more. 

We are located in Station Park on Warminster Rd., by the Hatboro train station.

From York Road: Turn onto Byberry Rd. The entrance is on the right, directly after crossing the train tracks for the Hatboro train station.

From Warminster Road: Turn onto Chelsea Rd. and follow it to the left, around the back of the building. We are the last business on the right, after the second speed bump.

For a map, see our Contact Us page.

Anything they are comfortable moving around in! A leotard in not required, although is perfectly acceptable. Please do not send your child in attire that exposes their midriff, is too restricting, or is too loose. Please avoid buttons, zippers, etc as they can be hazardous to the gymnast and the equipment.

For sanitary reasons, all class gymnasts/divers are required to wear tightly fitted cotton socks or a gymnastics shoe (available at our front desk for $18). Please no tights or ballet slippers as they do not provide adequate traction. We are very strict with our sock rule, so if you child should forget his/her socks, we will ask you to purchase a pair of grippy socks at the front desk ($6).

Jewelry is limited to STUD earrings. Medical alert bracelets are acceptable.

Any hair that is long enough to touch the gymnast’s eye should be securely tied up. No plastic headbands or hard hair accessories. Please no wet hair.

We require socks to be worn at all times in the gym for sanitary purposes. With over 750 children coming through the facility every week, this rule is strictly enforced to help limit the spread of athlete’s foot, planter’s warts, etc. If you forget socks, we sell grippy socks at the desk for $6/pair.

No, you are not charged for pre-scheduled closed dates (listed on our website). Each pay period will consist of 4 classes and will always be consistent in price. If we are scheduled to be closed on your class day, the pay period will simply extend one week longer. This will spread the four class pay period over 5 weeks instead of 4 consecutive weeks.

Yes, you can change into any class with open availability anytime throughout the year. Please call 215-328-0900 to switch classes.

School Year Session: Should your child be unable to attend class for any reason, s/he can attend an Open Gym free of charge (normally there is an entrance fee of $15 for members) to make up the missed class. You are entitled to 1 make up per every 8 weeks of scheduled classes. The make up/open gym schedule and details are available on our Open Gym page. Pre-scheduled closed class dates (listed on our website) are not included in the pricing and therefore are not eligible to make up. You can make up a class before or after the missed class date. Makeup classes are exclusive to each session and cannot be carried over past the last day of classes in a session. Making up in another class is NOT available during the school year session.

Please note, there are currently no make-ups available for the Parent and Tot class, as this is a specialty class which involves a substantial amount of set up and break down time.

Summer Session: Should your child be unable to attend class for any reason, s/he can attend an Open Gym free of charge or pre-schedule into another class of the same level with availability*. You are entitled to 3 make ups during the 6 week session. The make up/open gym schedule and details are available on our Open Gym page. You can make up a class before or after the missed class date. Makeup classes are exclusive to each session and cannot be carried over past the last day of classes in a session. *This is excessive to Summer Session.*

We work hard to make sure everyone is having fun and staying safe at Ricochets. Please let us know immediately if there is something we can do to help make your experience better! However, if a student is no longer able to attend gymnastics class or has lost interest, we need a parent/guardian to fill out the withdrawal form. You can request this form at the front desk or via email. We are unable to credit or refund any amount until we receive the withdrawal form back. Any refund/credit due will only be calculated as of the date we receive the form. We require two weeks notice to receive credit for your child’s next upcoming class.

Yes, we have a 6-week Summer session that runs from after the 4th of July to mid-August. The schedule for the summer comes out May 1st and registration opens May 18th. If you are a current member, you will receive an email regarding registration. If you are a non-member, please call us at 215-328-0900 to get on our email list or follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram) for the most up-to-date information.

No, the membership fee is an annual fee that is due only once a year on the anniversary month of when you first enrolled. So if you paid the membership fee in September 2020, you do not have to pay it again until September 2021. Membership fees are non-refundable, but will provide you member pricing for one year on all Ricochets’ events.

For a student to be considered a member, s/he must be enrolled in a class and have an active membership.

When a session ends, your account becomes inactive (but still accessible from your portal for up to one year). Your card will not be charged again unless you register for the next session or a camp/event. For example, if you are enrolled in the School Year session your account will become inactive after your child’s last class in June and only become active again if you register for another session, camp or event.

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